“Cooking is always thinking to someone,
otherwise it’s just getting a meal ready”



Graduated in Law for a family tradition. Basketball coach for the passion. Chef for the fascination.

I make you feel a unique experience in the warmth of your home.

You just have to sit down with your guests and share with them those magic moments.

I take care of everything, from the selection of seasonal high quality products to the preparation of the courses and to every other detail of your special dinner party.

I love genuine things and those flavours which remind of old memories providing a delightful experience. In all my courses there is all my passion for cooking.

    My kitchen

    My kitchen

    My kitchen mixes history and tradition with a modern twist. In each of my courses there is a tale about food: the starting point always being genuine ingredients, I choose and combine them in order to create contrasts enhancing their taste.

    I select original products in order to value the work of producers and to ensure the highest quality to my clients.

    Passion, research and curiosity lead me to discover new recipes which I will bring to your table.

    My kitchen revolves around my clients: they taste, stand over the preparation, ask me the story of a course or want to find out more about an ingredient – and they will live an unforgettable experience.

      My Menu


      Italian beef tartare, nuts, Argan oil, cylinders of mashed potatoes with thyme


      Avocado’s carpaccio, his sauce, italians clams, green apple


      Half cooked yolk, green garden soup, crispy bacon, pecorino cheese


      Raw red tuna in three different ways


      Onion’s supreme soup – new version 2016


      Chicory Risotto in three different consistencies


      Home made pasta with rabbit ragout and rabbit sauce

      Spaghetti crayfish & artichokes


      Eggplant yarrow, celeriac cream, confit tomatoes, salted chard


      Roasted octopus, spicy tomatoes sauce,

      potatoes waffle, aromatich salad


      Pork sausage, celeriac cream, puff potaoes pastry, little spinach


      Roasted duck breast, potatoes cream, wood sauce


      Chocolate mousse, Maldon salt, dehydrated orange


      Chocolate towers –
      Sicilian cannoli-style, solid myrtle


      Bufala’s CheeseFake, coulis of raspberry & lime


      Tiramisù Essence

      Live-in service – Temporary private chef

      In today’s UHNWI market a deep personalised service is what makes the difference between take some time off and total welness. My mission is to take care of my clients as far as their needs about food & beverage and its service are concerned.


      Restaurant start-up

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