Spaghetti Spring Roll

As you know, in my kitchen I love to experiment unusual combinations: today we cook traditional Chinese spring rolls in a Mediterranean fashion, replacing the traditional vegetable stuffing with spaghetti. The concept of frying is common to both cultures. I have combined the quick cooking and sour vegetables typical of East Asia and the most famous Italian meal of all – spaghetti.

Here’s the preparation of the course: boil the water and cut carrot, zucchini, red pepper and onion into small pieces, all same size. Make a sauté of vegetables in a large frying pan with extra virgin olive oil, soy sauce and a dash of Tabasco sauce. Moisten the rice paper base and put in it the fork-wrapped spaghetti.


After closing in it in small bundles, fry them.


You’re done: now you just have to serve these rolls and surprise your guests.


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