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I am always looking for thoose I call “good taste”. The good taste are the simple one, made with love and passion, and most of all made under the mission of don’t become an industry product. Believe me, if you don’t find something in the Supermarket, it’s because 90% it is a good product, and I’m not talking about personal taste. Today everybody talks about hand-made food, or artisanal food, but talk and do are different words.

Talking about PASTA – SPAGHETTI, I discovered Mancini’s pasta because of a friend of mine that was looking for a Chef for this project, and just after one taste Mancini’s pasta was into my menĂ¹.

This pasta has the real smell of grain since 1938, and you can smell it as soon as you put it inside the hot water Talking about taste, it’s almost sweet with the right balance of starch, so you don’t need heavy sauce on, but you have to respect the sauce you put on it, exactly as Mancini’s pasta is made. With the respect for their durum wheat.

I created ten recipes expressly dressed on this pasta, you can find them here.


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